Welcome to my Bugeye project

Welcome to my latest project. I am building a 1959 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite with a little twist. I'm putting in a 3.0 V-6 SHO engine.
Be sure to check back for updates on the progress and please leave a comment if you have any questions, feedback or advice for me.

Engine Re-assembly

**images fixed**

With the help of my niece and nephew running around causing chaos we set out to reassemble the engine.one head on
2 heads on

New water pump installed and intakes covered so i don't drop anything down them.

and thats where we got stuck. the timing belt tensioner pulley needs replacing and we didn't have an extra one and of course it will take 2-5 days to get one so we stopped there. I got the whole water setup with the water outlet and water pump done but thats about it for now.

and now I've blown a head gasket on my truck so it looks like this car project is on hold to work on the truck. I love taking apart engines...apparently.


Zorb | May 12, 2008 at 9:52 PM

That's too bad Ben. Those are oversized pulleys, not stock.
But of course stock will work fine...I got the pulleys when I got the performance chip. I have a feeling you won't need any extra boost with that small, light sprite!